New Algorithm Developed By Researchers Can Detect When Smartphone Users Are Bored

Is your Smartphone getting too smart? You may not feel that way now, but wait until it gives you an alert every time you are bored. A team of researchers working at Telefonica Research in Barcelona have created a new algorithm that is capable of detecting every time you get bored. The team intends to use this algorithm to push new and interesting content whenever the phone senses that the user is looking for something more. The team behind this interesting algorithm stated that an alternative use for this new technology could be to tell users to try other forms of entertainment or do something else whenever the smartphone gets the idea that the users are being too repetitive in its usage.

This algorithm was developed around the notion that boredom can foster creativity, so that users can be directed towards new information every time the phone senses repetition, for example, when you check your Facebook page too many times in an hour. This prospect is actually quite fascinating and could go a long way in helping us make the most out of the technology in our hands and the information freely available all around us.

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