New Polls Show Donald Trump Now The Frontrunner To Beat Everybody In Presidential Race

It has long been known that Donald Trump was the front runner for the Republican party. Now, however, the New York based businessman is actually leading all of the Democratic candidates as well. A new SurveyUSA poll shows the Republican has surged ahead to a spot where he would indeed become President of the United States, if the election were held today. While Trump holds slim leads over all the Democratic challengers, it is still quite the change from just a month ago, where he would have absorbed a pretty solid loss against any of the top three Democratic candidates.

According to the new poll, Trump has the easiest time if Hilary Clinton still gets the Democratic’s nomination, as he would win 45-40. Against Bernie Sanders, the margin of victory is slightly smaller with Trump winning 44-40. Against Vice President Joe Biden, Trump would receive 44 percent of the vote compared to Biden’s 42 percent. It should also be pointed out that right now, this is the only poll around showing Trump leading against any Democrat, let alone all of them.

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