Next week on Maury!:

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EDIT: Thx all. No, these are not my kits n' pups. They were a friend of my sisters' (she just passed away). I was looking at her FB and she had shared it. Updated pic I found of a pup in comments. (sorry for the superfluous info)
  • Next week on Maury!:
  • Puppies!!!
  • Plot twist
  • お邪魔しております

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  • Jackie Friesen Reply

  • Alivia Koelpin Reply

    If anyone somehow feels concerned at the dog and her pups being outdoors in the rain, the fact that the cat is in there with them just goes to show that doghouse is the warmest and least wet spot in a square-mile-radius. Cats are experts at that kinda thing.

  • Madalyn O'Connell Reply There's an update to the situation.. Even cuter