Nudist Tennis Club Members Protest Against Planned Bock Of Flats

The White House Club, a nudist tennis club in Surrey, England, is protesting against a proposed plan to build a tower block of flats as they fear residents will be able to spy on them from the building. The 300 members have concerns that their privacy will be breached by the high-rise facility and want the local council to cancel the proposals and ban any similar constructions in the future.

This has for many years been a naturist club – we celebrated our 80th anniversary in 2013. It is a haven of peace in the neighbourhood,” said club director David Mason. “We are concerned about this development, and the potential for overlooking of our club grounds, and especially of our tennis courts, which are situated in a corner of our property immediately across from the proposed developments in question.”

If the building plans do go ahead, the club has suggested fitting rooms that face the tennis courts with frosted glass that can only be opened a small amount, to reduce the risk of people spying on players.

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