Ordinary Guy Pretends To Win An Oscar, Watch What Happens Next

Have you ever wanted to live like one of the Hollywood elite without having to do any of the things the Hollywood elite had to do… in order to become elite. Mark David Christenson decided he was going to get himself a fake Oscar and parade around Los Angeles throughout Oscar night and just see what kind of trouble he could get into. Best of all, he recorded all of his hijinks just so the rest of us could see the crazy night he was able to have thanks to one little golden statue.

The night starts off relatively tame as he manages to score entry to a free movie. After getting a complimentary ticket to what he claimed, was “his movie” he headed over to a local convenience store and scored himself a free tub of Gatorade and a box of condoms. The night only got crazier after that as his fake Oscar prank got him into a VIP party, the ability to drive someone else’s luxury car and possibly a romantic relationship.

Check out the video and see the treatment someone gets just from carrying around a fake Oscar.

source: youtube
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