Parents Claim Their Son Was ‘Stalked’ By A UFO

The Mirror is reporting that a nine-year-old boy was stalked by a UFO, which the parents managed to capture on their camera phone. The UFO is said to have stalked the young boy for a period of two weeks. The object would fly around, change directions, and seemingly vanish into thin-air.

The parents are saying their child first saw the UFO and told them about it, but they couldn’t believe what they were hearing at the time. Upon seeing the footage, however, it’s hard to ignore the young boy. The parents took their captured footage to a UFO expert for verification.

The experts in question are arguing that the video is perfect evidence for alien crafts following children in the hopes of abducting one. They say: “It was almost as if this craft made itself invisible to the parents and only visible to the child, who was needless to say very frightened by this thing. This further corroborates other stories where these UFOs follow children, presumably to abduct them.”

It’s certainly odd to consider an alien craft floating around a young boy, but the footage in question seems to show some kind of proof. Of course, these days video editing footage can make something look like absolutely anything.

source: youtube
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