Pentagon Says Army Accidentally Shipped Deadly Anthrax Spores All Over The Country

The United States Army apparently sent live Anthrax spores to labs all over the country and didn’t track which labs actually had this potentially deadly weapon, nor did some people in the organization that was in charge of shipping the samples. This situation was first found out a few months ago, but some officials at the Pentagon have been saying that the issue was much bigger than they knew for a while now.

According to reports, labs in all 50 states, and Puerto Rico, all received the spores over the last few years from the US Army. The number of labs that received these shipments has more than doubled in the last few weeks, and now sits at more than 194 different locations. While there have not been any deaths or illnesses from a program that has actually been going on for more than 10 years, the lack of control and oversight has worried many in the Pentagon. The army was even shipping these spores around the world and it turns out that the deadly materials were shipped to nine foreign countries instead of the seven that were initially thought to be recipients.

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