People Tried To Sneak 67 Guns Onto Planes During The Anniversary Week Of 9/11

During this September’s anniversary week of the 9/11 tragedy, 67 people in the US tried to bring guns onto planes in their carry-ons. The Transportation Security Administration (TAS) confiscated 10 guns on September 11 alone, all of them loaded. In total, passengers tried to sneak 56 loaded guns past the TSA agents and onto their flights during the week. Twenty-six of the firearms had ammunition in the chamber.

This is an all-time record high for a one week period, says the TSA. It’s definitely scary to contemplate what these gun-toting passengers were planning to do with the guns once they got on their flights. Some people tried to get other weapons past the TSA checkpoints, including hidden belt buckle knives and 19 stun guns.

The penalty for trying to get a gun into the passenger compartment of a plane can range up to $11,000. Some people actually criticized the TSA for confiscating the guns, even Tweeting their opinion that “law-abiding citizens” were being targeted “because of complicated and unnecessary regulations.

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