Pizza Is Returning To McDonald’s Soon

Way back in 1989, McDonald’s – the popular fast-food franchise – sold pizza, but those days have long since passed. Or have they? Apparently, in Florida, a deluxe McDonald’s is currently bringing the pizza craze back to the fast-food industry. The restaurant is currently the largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace within Florida, so it makes sense they would be the first to offer the hand-held, cheesy treat.

However, someone discovered that there are a few locations across the United States that continue to offer pizza. Spencer, West Virginia, and Pomeroy, Ohio, for example, both continue to sell pizza. For the one in Florida, though, the new food will be available in January 2016. The fast-food chain will introduce ‘an exclusive open design pizza and pasta kitchen centered around a wood-fire oven’. It sounds a bit too fancy for a fast-food restaurant, but who are we to judge?

Pizza tends to be better from local joints, though, so maybe it will be best to stick with those when possible.

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