Police Foil Nutella Heist In Italy

Italian police have stopped a group of criminals who attempted to steal a huge amount of the chocolate spread Nutella from a supermarket in Sarzana. Three men tried to steal almost 30kg of the product before they were caught by authorities and then arrested.

Local news reports state that the three men entered the supermarket in the Ligurian region of Italy on Saturday carrying large rucksacks. They then filled up each of the bags with as much Nutella as possible, stuffing them with jars that weigh up to 1kg and then tried to leave the store without grabbing attention. However, store staff had noticed the trio of criminals and alerted police, who stopped the gang as they were about to flee.

According the police, they had managed to fit almost $200 worth of the chocolate spread into the rucksacks before they were caught. They believe that they were aiming to sell the food on the black market, where it is in high demand thanks to its high retail price.

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