Pope Francis the magician

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Francis, the magic dino-pope.
  • Claim: The Pope pulled a tablecloth out from under a table when he visited the US. Gif included as "proof"
  • I knew Pope Francis was part dinosaur, but I didn't know he was also a magician
  • Pope shows of his God-Given powers, it's a miracle. Sort of
  • As a Muslim, this Pope never ceases to impresses
  • When Pope Francis wants to impress the girls
  • Pope Francis arrives for US bishops' meeting
  • Папа демонстрирует Богом данную суперсилу
  • One of the Pope's many qualities
  • A little fun from the front page
  • Pope Francis isn't just a Pope
  • Can a pope bend spacetime ?
  • Pope Francis is a magician!
  • El Pope is also a sorcerer
  • Pope Francis the magician
  • いのり ささやき えいしょう ねんじろ!→
  • テーブルクロス引き業界期待のポープ
  • The pope is dope
  • Pope is magic
  • Pope Magic
  • me_irl
  • マジック!

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