Prankster Hacks Electronic Road Sign To Show Fake Warnings

Police are investigating after a serial prankster continuously hacked into an electronic road sign in Orlando, forcing it to display funny messages and fake warnings. The latest incident saw the traffic tool warn drivers about a rampaging dinosaur for the past week, telling motorists “WARNING: DINOSAUR ON LOOSE.”

The sign has seen several hacks over the past month and has displayed a variety of messages that were not programmed by city officials. These have included rude statements such as “EAT FARTS” and “HEY NICE DICK” as well as a caution to drivers about zombies that said, “ZOMBIES AHEAD, BEWARE.”

It’s unknown whether a lone prankster is doing the work or if there are a group of people contributing to the hacks. However, anyone taking part could face legal action as it is a crime to tamper with any Department of Transportation equipment, as they are vital to keep road users safe and up-to-date on the traffic situation.

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