Pregnant Manager Fired Following Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is quite common within fast-food restaurants in some areas, unfortunately. However, one of the most recent robberies happens to have an even worse ending. A pregnant shift manager, Marissa Holcomb, was held up at gunpoint while working at a Texas Popeyes restaurant. Days later, the pregnant woman was given the option to either pay back the money stolen herself or lose her job. She refused to pay back the stolen cash, so she was fired on the spot, reports 13 News Now.

According to the report, the armed robbery occurred on March 31st, however Harris County Sheriff’s have not identified the gunman after three weeks. The heist was caught on surveillance cameras within the restaurant. All employees were forced to the ground by the gunman, and Holcomb was pushed to the front to open the safe. The individual made off with almost $400.

A spokesman from Popeye’s human resources department said Holcomb was fired for leaving too much money within the cash register, which is against company policy. Apparently, this was not Holcomb’s first offense. The spokesman said they knew nothing of her being given the option to pay the money back instead of being fired.

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