Pregnant Woman Has Intense Cravings For Washing Powder

Pregnant women are known for their usual and sometimes unordinary food cravings, and this one just might be the strangest of all. 23-year-old Michaela Martin is pregnant with her second child and loves to snack on washing powder. Martin said that she has developed an insatiable craving while in her third trimester and started to have a strong desire to sniff laundry detergent.

The pregnant women took her desire to the next level when she decided to eat the washing powder. She claims that it isn’t the taste of the washing powder that she loves, but the scent that fills her nose and mouth while chewing whatever powder she has a craving for.

I chewed the grains between my teeth to kind go get the texture of the powder as well as the taste,” she said, continuing: “and then would spit it out and rinse my mouth out straight away. Even after trying it and knowing how disappointing the taste was when consuming it, I continued to crave it insatiably.”

Martin now knows that she suffers from an eating disorder called pica. Pica is when someone eats an object that should not be consumed and has no nutritional value. Michaela said that she couldn’t wait to give birth so that her weird washing powder craving can go away. “I can’t wait to give birth so I can go back to having a normal palate.

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