Protests Arise In Wisconsin Following Police Shooting

Protests arose late Friday in Madison, Wisconsin, over the fatal police shooting of a 19-year-old black man, according to NBC News. The young man was said to be walking through traffic and hitting pedestrians as he passed by them. A police officer followed the man to an apartment, where he was said to have attacked the officer. This officer drew his weapon and shot the man.

The man was brought to the hospital following the shooting, where he would later succumb to his wound and died. Authorities have not released the victim’s name, but local media identified him as Anthony Robinson. Robinson was said to be unarmed at the time of the shooting.

Over 100 people protested on Friday night around the scene of the shooting. Some of the individuals in attendance were shouting “Who can you trust? Not the police” during the protest. A sit-in at Madison City Hall was also held, which is near the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus.

The Madison shooting happened just days after the Department of Justice released a report on the racially biased practices of the Ferguson Police Department.

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