Pure chaos

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  • Pure chaos
  • カオスな世界
  • me irl

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Comments (68)

  • Mattie Murphy Reply

    the purechaos and purecontrol are on sale.

  • Sonya Raynor Reply

    i am also in the same boat as you i wear size 5.5 uk and till date i have not been able to find a good boot that fits my foot when trying in the stores (stores in my country dont keep kid size boot or high end shoe), i have tried the x 16.1 and they are superb but they are more tighter and stiff than the ace. try the lower end model of x in size 6 uk in store to see how it fits and based on that make your decision whether you should buy that boot or not or which size would be a perfect choice. Also,wish me luck because i am going to do the same thing but insted of x 16.1 i am going to buy the purechaos 16+(has a softer and more forgiving upper the the x 16.1)

  • Amie Erdman Reply

    what's your shoe size ? your confusing evospeed sl with evo power and evo speed evospeed sl last for only 10 day evo power and evo speed would lad a year if u took proper care of them and yes they are good shoe for wide feet i would highly recommend evopower 1.3 and adidas x purechaos 16 + for but make try them in a store before buying them to get a proper sizing remember sizing and fitting are the most important factor when it comes to football boot and try this sub reddit next time for question as it is highly active r/bootroom

  • Fay Friesen Reply

    Chaos. Pure Chaos.

  • Jordan McLaughlin Reply

    Damn, variety in the futtie ay? I wear the purechaos all gold, and Purechaos Liquid metal pack. Being Japanese I respect the Morelias!

  • Gregorio Gutkowski Reply

    thanks man for the reply i have tried the 16.1 synthetics and they were not that tight throughout the midfoot and didnt fit snug at mid i tried the 16.1 x and i liked the fitting through midfoot and also liked the lacing system because i rip laces holes alot and it doesnt have any lace hole system i havnt tried the primeknit 16.1 are u sure that the primeknits are very tight the mid are like the x 16.1? i am stuck between 16+ purechaos,ace primeknit,x 16.1 ? (i wear kids shoe size 5.5 uk,i have small feet and square foot at front)

  • Gerhard Schamberger Reply

    1 Bama 2-4 Pure Chaos

  • Kaylin Kemmer Reply

    That pick was pure chaos

  • Judy Greenfelder Reply

    This post is pure chaos, so many twists and turns and grammar felonies

  • Jerald Rice Reply

    This shit gave me anxiety, pure chaos.

  • Mikel O'Connell Reply

    Imagine if all cards got it, including SRs. Pure chaos would ensue.

  • Kareem Gibson Reply

    That'd be just pure chaos in the West. At least it'd be entertaining

  • Dariana Thiel Reply

    Pure. Fucking. Chaos.

  • Mable Dickinson Reply

    Pure chaos lol how

  • Pauline Hand Reply

    Pure utter chaos.

  • Kaylie Auer Reply

    Pure chaos.

  • Isaac Metz Reply

    This game has been pure chaos so far and I'm loving it

  • Dariana Morissette Reply

    this game is pure chaos

  • Misty Stanton Reply

    Steam Sale x2 + Restock + Chaos + NO! = Pure Bliss

  • Dulce Kautzer Reply

    I'm not sure about the sizing, you can probably find something on the Adidas sight, but the only actual laceless cleats are the purecontrols. The pureagilitys and purechaos both just have lace covers.

  • Gaylord Murray Reply

    Chaos... pure chaos

  • Tiara Goodwin Reply

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Just pure chaos with no reason behind it.

  • Elnora Hackett Reply

    this is pure chaos

  • Sydney Doyle Reply

    They are both very good. The thing with the superfly is that a lot of people get blisters from the collar, which can be avoided with patient break in. The soleplate of the superfly is also known to crack, so durability is an issue for some people. The upper is excellent though. For the X, it's a more reliable shoe but the upper is thicker and the quality of materials is not as good compared to the superfly. I would recommend you look into the Purechaos as I think they kind of bridge between the two but if you can't do that then I say go superfly for better boot, X for better durability. You can't really go wrong with either of them.

  • Efrain Lowe Reply

    Wow that was pure chaos.

  • Aisha Schmeler Reply

    Hello i was wondering if anyone could help me what the Captcha Duplicate Field Name, Captcha SITE-KEY, and Client ID are for this product http://www.adidas.co.uk/x-16_-purechaos-firm-ground-boots/BB4184.html?slot=1

  • Esteban Christiansen Reply

    try the ace 16.1 primeknit or purechaos

  • Bonnie Cole Reply

    for fun, i tested a full ki change team for myself pure chaos

  • Juliana Schinner Reply

    That would be pure chaos.

  • Darryl Hyatt Reply

    This was pure chaos.

  • Holden Hartmann Reply

    Contrary to first impressions. Only the PureControl has no laces. Both the PureAgility and PureChaos has laces, they both have lace covers; the laces are underneath the covers. Get the purechaos, the upper is much softer than the X 16.1

  • Augustus Zieme Reply

    It's pure, unabated chaos and anarchy there.

  • Talon Hegmann Reply

    Yeah I know that but how can the PureChaos still have a good comfort if it doesn't have laces? How can it sit tight on your foot?

  • Micheal Schaefer Reply

    Wouldn't say cancer, but just pure chaos.

  • Dorcas Moore Reply

    X 16.1 has laces. The ones without laces are the PureControl, PureChaos, and PureAgility

  • Robin Klocko Reply

    Pure chaos

  • Santa O'Kon Reply

    Chaos, pure chaos.

  • Matteo Shields Reply

    Chaos. Pure sexy chaos

  • Alta Bailey Reply

    Pure chaos!

  • Leilani Kunde Reply

    How do you convert Chaos to pure Chaos?

  • Harrison Herzog Reply

    A dimension... Of pure chaos!!

  • Jerrell Skiles Reply

    Read: pure fucking chaos

  • Floy Pfeffer Reply

    This gif needs explosions.

  • Lauretta Cummerata Reply

    Pure chaos.

  • Brendan Shanahan Reply

    Can you elaborate a little bit more? What sort of player are you? The fast kind who relies on his pace? Someone who has really good ball control and relies on that mostly? Or just some hard worker with endless stamina who can run all day long? Depends whether you like Adidas, Nike or Pumas as well. When it comes to Adidas: - [Adidas X 16](http://www.adidas.com/us/x-16-plus-purechaos-firm-ground-cleats/S79512.html) , they're light, for good ball control and also if you're fast - [Adidas ACE 16.4](http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/lists/adidas-ace-football-boots.aspx) , are similar to the classic Predator model. A bit heavier compared to the ones above. But for better ball control. Nike: - [Hypervenoms](http://www.soccercorner.com/Hypervenom-Phantom-II-Soccer-Cleats-s/26221.htm) - similar to the first Adidas ones I suppose. Light and also good for ball control. - [Mercurials](http://www.soccercorner.com/Nike-Mercurial-Victory-VI-FG-Soccer-Cleats-p/sm-ni831964-003.htm) - light ones, no need to look into them really I think. - [Magistas](http://www.sportsdirect.com/nike-magista-onda-mens-fg-football-boots-201002?colcode=20100213) - not bad ones, players who possess extreme ball control use them, not a bad option. - [Tiempos](http://www.sportsdirect.com/nike-magista-onda-mens-fg-football-boots-201002?colcode=20100213) - quite classic ones for every sort of use. Check out http://www.prodirectsoccer.com for more information. There's a whole variety of boots available. To be honest I suppose even some old Adidas Copa Mundials would do the trick for you.

  • Josianne McGlynn Reply

    Pure chaos.

  • Chadd Nader Reply

    Pure chaos.

  • Summer Prohaska Reply

    Those girls took those faceplants like champs. But the real champ is Car Faceplant Boy. He never could learn how to brake without using his face.

  • Thea Windler Reply

    That hp was pure chaos.

  • Micaela Becker Reply

    Jesus christ! What a mess! Pure chaos

  • Madelyn Nader Reply

    Go for the X purechaos or the ace primeknit or purecontrol or the messi pureagility.

  • Letitia Raynor Reply

    The face of pure chaos

  • Winona Dietrich Reply

    This was right over the pure chaos post for me.

  • Estel Monahan Reply

    Pure chaos on the floor

  • Mose Hayes Reply

    Pure chaos

  • Rosina Miller Reply

    No. Crime "prevention"= pure chaos.

  • Glen Yost Reply

    Hammer throw. No netting. Pure chaos.

  • Litzy Oberbrunner Reply

    He wants pure chaos, and to gamble.

  • Dasia Hackett Reply

    Deande x any ult is pure chaos.

  • Ewell Weber Reply

    To me it seems Al Qaeda has some sort of purpose. ISIS is just pure chaos.

  • Autumn Cummings Reply

    It's chaos. Pure madness. Meowiths and growliths living together

  • Dawn Hackett Reply

    It was like a machine gun. Just... just pure chaos.

  • Nettie Rutherford Reply

    ooh i remember this one, it was pure chaos

  • Heidi Olson Reply

    This summer has been pure chaos.

  • Jade Anderson Reply

    They are pure order to Chaos' chaos.

  • Arne Hilll Reply

    The replies to this seem a little ironic. Talking about how tumblr doesn't care about certain people. When we're on Reddit bad mouthing those on tumblr. Not targeting @purechaos in particular, just didn't want to type individuals like a disapproving parent.

  • Jaiden Bradtke Reply

    corners were chaos pure... didnt manage to see what the hell was going on.

  • Kurt Huel Reply

    They are the Adidas X 16.1+ PureChaos, I promise you they are red.