Queen Elizabeth II, The Nazi Queen?

Although it’s not a secret anymore, The Sun is reporting that a secret video has been found that shows Queen Elizabeth II learning how to do the Nazi salute back in 1933. It’s now the talk of social media and more online, with tons of news coverage all over the internet.

Depending on what you read, Buckingham Palace is either standing up for the Queen or greatly ashamed over the actions of the queen decades ago. More than likely, the Buckingham Palace is behind their Queen and upset that this private, secret video is now being exploited on the internet and in tabloids.

Back when this film was created, some reports say, the evils of the Nazi nation weren’t yet known. Does that make it okay? Who knows. Is it okay to criticize someone for something they did over 80 years ago? It appears that it is, since it happens more and more these days.

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