A windmill fire

source: imgur
  • Cool video of a wind turbine on fire; the rings of smoke coming off the blades graphically depict a tip-speed-ratio of about 5:1
  • MRW my friend and I get into a heated argument because he doesn't know what a helix is
  • MRW I'm a huge metal fan and my favorite song is Through the Fire and the Flames
  • MRW I use smoke signals to show how many girls i get
  • Huge metal fan plays Through the Fire and Flames
  • Wind turbine on fire (from /u/Pyronic_Chaos)
  • Why is this windmill have red and orange?
  • metal windmill for the land
  • Quick, blow it out!
  • Windmill go round
  • Windmill on fire
  • A windmill fire
  • You got a hole!
  • Fire hurricane
  • Ghost Turbine
  • Ring of fire
  • Me🎓irl
  • Me irl

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