Rabbit Population Spirals Out Of Control In Washington Town

As ideal as it may be to coexist with nature, there are times when it’s harder than it should be. It’s easy to assume that humans cause the most damage and end the most lives for selfish reasons, but even the tiniest animal can prove difficult to cooperate with. In this case, though, it might be the cutest animal that’s causing all sorts of problems.

Rabbits aren’t exactly the most threatening creatures out there, but the problem comes from their numbers. The people of Langley, Washington have had to find that out the hard way; the escape of several rabbits from a fair several years ago helped contribute to the town’s natural population of them.– and now that population has created some noteworthy problems. They eat whatever plants they can find, they chew up football fields, and they even leave disease-riddled feces wherever they want. Leaving them to their devices only means they have a chance to reproduce en masse — and make a bad situation worse.

It’s reached a point where extreme measures have to be considered. In the face of opposition from the public — people who don’t want the rabbits to be trapped and killed off — officials have toyed with the idea of introducing falcons and hawks to naturally curb the population. It’s hard to know for sure if that plan will go into action, but it’s at least an attempt at a solution.

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