Raccon with a masters in maths

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  • MRW I am a world-class mathematician and world's leader's ask me to calculate a formula that will transmutate lead into gold, and, although I know that is impossible, I take the job anyway because I need the money
  • Though trash pandas seem to only excel in crime, it's a little known fact that most are expert mathematicians, and one even solved the meaning of life on his Abacus
  • How I imagine Matt setting up for streaming or fiddling with his camera
  • [Whenever I get home after using domes all day at work
  • A young mathematician exploring number theory
  • Sal Doing math on reddit's front page today
  • MRW things are slow and the boss walks in
  • Trash Panda + Abacus == Cuteness Overload
  • Rare footage of a flat Earther doing math
  • math pupper is excited to solve equatioms
  • Raccoon Playing the counting-thingy
  • Racoon practices his arithmetic
  • Raccon with a masters in maths
  • Developing his motor skills
  • Racoon enjoying a kids toy
  • Pokemon cover
  • Rob maths_IRL
  • me_irl

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