Rainbows Pop Up Over Ireland After Winning Same-Sex Marriage Vote

It’s like a beautiful sign from the heavens. On May 23rd, the Republic of Ireland held the same-sex marriage referendum asked 3.2 million people to vote for or against amending the constitution. Then, something magical happened: while rainbow flags were hung around Dublin, rainbows also started to appear over the city.

On Saturday morning when the final votes were tallied, even more rainbows popped up! Irish netizens took photos and shared their amazing views via social media and news websites such as Buzzfeed.

Saturday, May 23rd was a big and historical success for the LGBT community. The turnout was unexpectedly large in their favor — when the tallies were counted, 62% voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Ireland is the first nation to approve same-sex marriage through popular vote. Irish people from around the world even traveled back home to show their support and be part of the historic win for LGBT rights.

Thanks for also showing your support, mother nature.

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