Refugee Who Was Tripped By Camerawomen Lands Job In Spain

A migrant who made headlines earlier in the month after he was seen being tripped while carrying his young son by a Hungarian camerawoman has been given a job at a sports academy in Spain. Osama Abdul Mohsen was filmed falling heavily while crossing the Hungary-Serbia after an employee for the television show N1TV kicked them while they were running.

Mohsen first gained public recognition when the incident was shown on news channels around the world. He has since been contacted by Cenafe football school who have offered him a job at a sports school in Getafe, as he had previously coached a football team in Syria before fleeing the country.

The future will be very good for my son in Spain,” said Mohsen. “The journalist’s kick was scary and hard. My feeling was surprise. And then pain when I saw the fear and panic in the face of my son. Zaid cried for two hours. I was terrified.”

Petra Laszlo, the camerawoman who tripped Mohsen, was also shown kicking a young girl and has since been fired from her job. She also faces a criminal investigation for the assaults, though she has apologized in a national newspaper in Hungary, saying that she was not racist and was simply trying to protect herself.

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