Remember Joe Millionaire? You Wouldn’t Believe What He Looks Like Now

Joe Millionaire was a reality show on Fox back in 2003 about Evan Marriott, a construction worker who portrayed a millionaire bachelor in search of his future wife. If Joe Millionaire were able to find true love, he would have to reveal that, in reality, he was a poor man and the lady of his choice would split the $1 million prize money.

Fast Forward 12 years later and Evan Marriott revealed that once the show was over, he went back to his life as a construction worker. When discussing his instant fame after the show ended with US Weekly, Marriott said he didn’t know what to do with his life and the fame was a hard pill to swallow. He stated that if you’ve never experience a small piece of fame for yourself, you’d never understand what he went through. The former reality star is now a 40-year-old business owner and is happy with his life without the fame.

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