Retired Teacher Gets Blown Into A River By Wind And Drowns

Nature can be a harsh mistress. The fact that tornadoes exist is proof enough, but harsh conditions abound all over the world — be it from extreme heat, punishing cold, or devastating wind. It would seem like nature had a sense of humor, but even its take on practical jokes can have dire consequences.

That applies to Valerie Weston, a retired teacher swept up in a freak accident. In this case, she was literally swept up; as she went outside to tend to her plants and canoe, a blast of wind blew up her coat, carried her off her feet, and sent her flying into the nearby River Irwell. The stormy weather and flooding conditions didn’t help matters — and as a result, she was carried ten miles downstream with no hope of escape.

Weston was, and still is, a beloved member of her community in Irwell Vale. There’s no doubt she loved everyone back, but as her family noted, she loved the feel of bad weather. As tragic and unfortunate as her passing may be, there’s still a lesson to keep in mind: never underestimate Mother Nature.

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