Rogue Bee Causes Fuel Tank To Flip Over

We all probably know what kind of devastation can happen when a rogue bumble bee enters our vehicle and causes some havoc on a minuscule scale. However, a 63-year-old Somsert man has been transported to Baldwin Medical Center earlier this week after he lost control of his fuel tanker, causing it to flip over, while trying to swat a bee. The man’s truck ended up rolling into a ditch near Hammond, Wisconsin.

The State Patrol responded after the crash, along with county deputies, United Fire and Rescue, and Baldwin Ambulance personnel. The Patrol said the driver was attempted to remove a rogue bee from his 2005 Freightliner truck when he lost control, causing the entire vehicle to flip over.

The truck happened to be carrying about 600 gallons of diesel fuel, but not a single drop was lost from the tanker, thankfully. The driver, however, suffered a head injury.

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