Rookies Take A Swing At Pro-Level Fastballs

Being a sports all-star is a pretty common dream among children — but no matter what their parents may tell them, only a fraction of them will make it to the big leagues. This video helps explain why; the level of physicality needed on average borders on the stuff of science fiction. Naturally, a handful of untrained, untested newbies opted try and make it through a single day of training.

It goes about as well as anyone would expect, minus the broken bones and tears. In all fairness, it’s as much a display of the research and insight that goes into making the perfect baseball athlete as it is a show of rookies overwhelmed by tiny white spheres. It’s certainly the sort of thing that can put the average game airing on TV into perspective. Alternatively, it’s a reminder that even the nicest pro athlete is essentially a deadly superhuman.

source: youtube
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