School Principal Suspended For Pulling Out A Blade And Saying “Erase Your Life” To An Autistic Student

A principal from British Columbia has been suspended after a series of bizarre incidents that saw him threaten children and joke about pedophiles. The teacher, from North Vancouver, has had his teaching license revoked and has been forced to resign after he allegedly pulled out a pocket knife in class and verbally abused a child who had autism.

According to recently released documents, Gerard MacIntosh was teaching a class when an autistic child asked for an eraser to correct her work. He then proceeded to throw an eraser to her before pulling out the blade and telling the young girl “Here, use this to erase your life.” He later told another group of students that he would be wearing a pedophile costume to the school Halloween party.

One of his colleagues eventually reported the erratic behavior to school officials and the Teacher Regulation Branch. After an internal investigation uncovered the incidents, MacIntosh was placed on leave. He has since resigned his post and is unable to teach until November 21, 2015.

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