Scientists Uncover a Brand New Horned Dinosaur

Jurassic World has broken all sorts of box office records, and did so as early as its first weekend in theaters — just in case anyone needed a reminder of how much people love dinosaurs. Still, it’s not as if they need movies to awaken that spirit of wonder, because one look at a skeleton is enough to do the trick. Now there’s another reason for people to get excited; reports have come in, which reveal a brand new dinosaur to admire.

It may look like a triceratops at first glance, but even the slightest differences are a marvel. The wendiceratops — named after fossil hunter Wendy Slobada, who discovered the remains in 2010 — is believed not only to have a ring of hook-shaped horns around its head, but is also the owner of the oldest nose bone found to date. In essence, it’s a precursor to the triceratops, though it’s not a direct ancestor; regardless, scientists may be able to trace the evolution and usage of horns across the ages by studying it.

By using the data from four found skeletons, there’s not only a good deal of data on the wendiceratops, but also a reconstructed version of it in the Royal Ontario Museum — a fitting home, since the remains were originally found in Alberta. With any luck, it’s one of many new discoveries to come.

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