Senate Candidate Sacrificed A Goat And Drank Its Blood

Now, we’ve all heard some pretty weird tales of people doing things in the name of the Devil, but this one may just stand out due to how well known and influential the man behind the act may be.

Augustus Sol Invictus, a current United States Senate candidate, walked into the Mojave Desert two years ago. There, he spent one week praying and fasting, believing he truly wasn’t going to survive the ordeal. In the end, though, the pagan ritual to offer thanks for his return home saved his life by allowing him to slaughter a goat in the name of his gods and drank the blood from the dead beast.

Now that the man is running for the senate, however, his little desert story is coming to light across the world. The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, has called attention to Invictus’ candidacy, hoping someone will denounce him.

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