Shocking Roller Coaster Crash Injures Four

An adventure park with roller coasters located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, had a dangerous accident this week when a carriage of 16 riders crashed into a stationary, empty carriage on the ride. There were two teenage women and two men, ages 18 and 27, who were injured when the crash occurred.

The amusement park, Alton Towers, has emergency staff on hand and they were able to respond quickly, luckily no one was fatally injured. The park chose to stayed closed after the incident, likely having work done on the ride. Smiler is the name of the ride that left these people with anything but smiles on their faces.

Although there was emergency on hand right away, the riders were still trapped for several hours while waiting to be rescued. In a statement, the park director said that this had been the most serious accident the park has seen.

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