Shocking Video Shows Cop Slamming Girl To The Ground and Pulling His Gun On Teens

A situation got really out of hand in McKinney, Texas this past Saturday. An altercation between a teen and a woman led to police being called to the scene of an end of school year pool party. When the cops showed up, several of the frightened teens began to run. Cops had no idea who was to be questioned and began making all of the kids sit on the ground.

According to the 15 year-old that shot the video, they only “grabbed the black kids“. One officer, Eric Casebolt, got out of control and began chasing and yelling at several of the black teens. He fell once, dropping his flashlight and later tackled a small girl to the ground. Apparently, she was forced to the ground for being ‘mouthy’. Once he slammed her to the ground, two male friends excitely ran towards her to help while yelling “No!”. Officer Casebolt then pulled his gun out and pointed it at the crowd of kids while they ran away screaming.

The video then shows the huge officer putting his knee on the girl’s back and resting on top of her while handcuffing the girl. Everyone ran, including the people who didn’t do anything. He has since been placed on administrative leave and is under investigation. All teens arrested were released and charges dropped.

source: youtube
  • Mother and daughter have an argument at a pool party. Cops arrive, handcuff, and man handle the kids
  • Cop in McKinney, Texas does perfect barrell roll after losing his footing and continues his chase
  • What camera/camera phone was used to record this video? The quality is really good
  • Cop frightened by black teens does a barrel roll (7 seconds in) 8/10 points
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  • Was this police action appropriate? Why or why not?
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