Shooting In Arizona Kills One Leaves Five Injured

Wednesday morning in Mesa, Arizona, a gunman shot six people, with one fatally wounded. The shooting began at 8:45am at the Tri-City Inn, where two females and one male were found shot. David Williams, the male, was later pronounced dead and police are suspicious that the suspect knew at least one of the three in the motel room. According to officials, the culprit then ran across the street to a restaurant where an EVIT student was shot in the shoulder and carjacked. After traveling toward the Emelita Avenue and South Longmore, two more people were also shot.

Police have identified Ryan E. Giroux as the suspect, an ex-convict with an extensive criminal record going as far back as the 90’s. Shortly before 1pm today, Giroux was found in a vacant condo and was taken into custody after being hit with a stun gun. Cameras captured images of a man walking with authorities in a white HAZMAT suit with his hands bound in front of him. The suspect was then taken to the hospital with a heavy police escort for treatment that remains unknown.

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