Six Flags Bans Selfie Sticks From Theme Parks

For all of you amusement park visitors, you might want to figure out another way to take those famous selfies. Six Flags has become the latest amusement park to ban selfie sticks. The company recently announced that the selfie sticks would be banned from all of its 18 Six Flags theme parks nationwide. Katy Enrique, a Six Fags communication manager said that the newest selfie stick ban is for the safety of all Six Flags park visitors.

“We strive to provide the safest possible environment in our parks and these devices pose a safety risk to guests and employees. The safety of our guests and employees is our top priority.”

The Six Flags selfie stick ban news comes just after it was announced that Disney would be banning the selfie sticks from their theme parks as well. Many public places states that the growing popularity of the selfie sticks raises a safety concern for both the park guests as well as its staff members. The Kentucky Derby, Metropolitan Museum of art, Wimbledon and Lollapalooza are other places from around the world that have announced selfie stick bans. Music festival Coachella as well as the Smithsonian museums has banned the electronic devices as well.

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