Slender Man Teens To Be Tried As Adults For Attempted Murder

Two 13-year-old girls who were accused of stabbing a classmate in an attempt to appease the mystical character known as Slender Man are going to be tried as adults. Should the two have gone to juvenile court – as their age would generally allow – then they would have only faced five years imprisonment. However, being tried as an adults will ultimately end with them in prison for up to 65 years, which will be their entire lives, reports Daily Mail.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were planning the murder for months before actually committing the act. The two young girls believed if they killed their school friend, they could live with Slender Man in his mansion and their families would be saved from his wrath. Unfortunately for them, Slender Man isn’t actually a living being or entity.

The two girls stabbed their victim a staggering total of 19 times throughout the arms, legs, and torso in May of 2014. The girl managed to crawl from the woods where the attack took place and was discovered by a passing cyclist. The girl is now making a full recovery and has even re-enrolled in school.

The judge, however, wasn’t too happy over the entire event. He decided to dismiss the defense lawyer’s attempt at trying the two young girls at youth court. Wisconsin Circuit Judge Michael Bohren said keeping them in the adult system would protect the public from them. Mental health treatment would be offered within the prison, too.

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