Slip n' Slide like a boss

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  • MRW I'm trying out for the cheer leading team that only supports slip and slide events, and my captain tells me to ask the crowd for a "C"
  • A sub dedicated to when a person does a faceplant and their feet end up above their head and they end up looking like a scorpion like so
  • The confident approach of Brodie Rickard sliding into the HoF
  • HMJB while I become the Slip n slide champion
  • Slip n' Slide like a boss (BOSS Edition)
  • HMJB while I test out this Slip’N Slide
  • Little dude slip and slide fall
  • Olympic Slip-N-Slide Champion
  • Scorpion on the slip n slide
  • Such a perfect dismount!
  • Slip and slide champion
  • go hard and do it right
  • Slip n slide scorpion
  • Slip and faceplant
  • Go hard or go home
  • Our mascot maybe?
  • Great form
  • ashkan_irl
  • me irl

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