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  • Snowplexed
  • Snowtling
  • Gotcha

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Comments (3)

  • Solon Cronin Reply

    I can tell I'm getting old when shit like this makes me worry instead of laugh.

  • Delmer Schiller Reply

    And that was the last day Sara ever had use of her limbs... :(

  • Tyler Schroeder Reply

    For anyone interested [this is how you defend against a suplex]( If you feel someone wrap their arms around your waist from behind hook their leg with yours. Even if they lift you up they won't be able to rag doll you like you see at the end of gif. You'll most likely land on top of them if they manage to lift you up. What this guy did is stupidly dangerous. She could have gotten seriously injured. If someone tries to suplex you like this and you defend against it by hooking the leg [heres a move you can do from that position]( It's a Kimura takedown. You have my blessing to snap that stupid fucks shoulder. If someone is dumb enough to try this on you then they don't deserve to have a functional shoulder joint.