Soldier Hits Child In The Face While Saluting The Queen

Here’s a bizarre video of a soldier that does something right, but should pay a little more attention to his surroundings when doing it. The moment starts off normally with Queen Elizabeth approaching a six-year-old girl. The girl pays her respects by giving her flowers and curtsying. As the Queen prepares to walk away, it is standard procedure for soldiers to salute her as she passes by. This is when the soldier abruptly smacks the child in the face.

It may look pretty bad when the soldier doesn’t even look like he noticed, but he also has to be straight-faced during the entire process. Surely, he was sorry for what happened, but the girl probably won’t linger that closely to a guard anytime soon.

source: youtube
  • Apparently the Queen's guards don't give a shit about children either
  • Child hit in face by soldier saluting the Queen - BBC News
  • Child hit in face by soldier saulting the Queen

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