Spider Proves To Be Up To Date On Texting Shorthand

When you are a teenager and the quality of your social interactions depends almost entirely on how efficiently you text, knowing text abbreviations is an expected thing. Nowadays even adults, small children, and a fair few elderly folks are using plenty of IDK’s, TTYL’s, and JK’s in their textual communications. But apparently now the animal kingdom is beginning to learn the idiosyncrasies of text shorthand.

Not unlike the eponymous arachnid from the beloved children’s novel Charlotte’s Web, a woman recently captured a photograph of a spider and its web on which was seemingly written “LOL.” While most would find this funny or incredible, photographer Heather Ar’ite saw it as the universe giving her a slap in the face. After living through a water pipe explosion and two defunct cars within a few weeks, having a minuscule eight-legged creature say “laugh out loud” in the midst of your misery would be neither amazing nor humorous.

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