Spooky Chinese Amusement Park Simulates Cremation

Although amusement parks have a whole range of rides, it’s unlikely that there will be any that have something quite as crazy as the Window of the World park in China. Rather than trying to thrill customers with fast-paced rollercoasters or let them experience a rare event in a simulator, it allows customers to feel what it would be like to be cremated while alive.

Located in Shenzhen, the horrifying attraction sees visitors put into an open coffin that travels along a conveyor belt. The patrons are then subjected to recordings of screams and shouts of pain while wind machines blast their bodies with hot air. The sudden arrival of the air simulates the intense heat of crematorium, leaving the visitors terrified and drenched in sweat

It’s not just the fake crematorium that the amusement park is home to. It also features a large collection of replica models of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and the Colosseum as well as more traditional rides that you would expect to find in a theme park.

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