Squealing Man Tries Really Hard To Catch A Cockroach

The most hilarious face-off with a cockroach ever recorded unfolded in a hotel room in Thailand. Joakim was on a holiday with his wife on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, when their room was visited by an unwelcome guest – a cockroach. Joakim, armed with an empty crisp tube, went on a quest to catch the cockroach. Dressed only in underpants, he is screaming and chasing the cockroach around the hotel room while his wife records the whole thing and laughs in the background.

At one point, the cockroach goes behind the bed side table and Joakim approaches it in order to give it a quick nudge, which causes the cockroach to shoot towards him, making the man jump back and scream “It’s so fast!“. As his wife laughs behind the camera, the man offers her to give it a try: “Come hunt it for yourself then,” adding, “be the man now.” When she turns down the offer, he continues to chase the cockroach around. Very unsuccessfully, one might add.

source: youtube
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  • Min kusin försöker fånga en kackerlacka, han misslyckas

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