Statistics Show That There Are 49 Murders Committed Each Day In South Africa

A shocking new statistic has revealed that the crime rates in South Africa have risen by glaring levels in the recent past, with the number of murders rising up to nearly 50 each day. This amounts to nearly one murder every half an hour of the day. The police forces across the country have been accused of being complacent and not managing to curb the rise in violent crimes every year.

There has also been an 8.5% increase in robberies across the country, reaching a decade-long high of 129,045 this past year. Even carjacking and truck jacking have gone up by 14.2% and 29.1%, respectively. The only area that has seen a noticeable drop in the crime rates is sexual offenses, dropping by 5.4% this past year.

Opposition political parties have called for major reforms in the way police departments operate across the country. One of the members had this to say regarding the issue: “(It is) glaringly obvious that South Africa desperately needs specialized units to tackle some of the most serious crime problems

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