Stephen King Claims Maine Governor Owes Him An Apology

Award winning horror novelist Stephen King has come out swinging at Paul LePage. The author claims the Maine Governor owes him an apology after LePage made comments claiming King had moved out of the state of Maine and doesn’t pay income taxes. In response to those accusations, King has said that LePage needs to “man up and apologize“.

The Governor’s comments were made during his weekly radio address and he used King as an example as to why Maine should do away with the state income tax. During that address LePage claimed states without income taxes, like Florida, have lured away Maine citizens. Reached for comment after he was singled out, King admitted that he spends his winters in Florida, but he still paid about $1.3 million in income taxes to Maine in 2013 and it was about the same in 2014.

The author went a bit further and said that he awards anywhere between $3 million and $5 million in grants per year, mostly to residents in Maine. King appears to have taken the comments personally and for his part, LePage seems to realize he did something wrong. A revised transcript of the Governor’s remarks no longer includes mention of King but the author believes LePage’s office should go further.

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