Student Makes Pornographic Video In The School Library

It looks like Kendra Sunderland found another use for the school library, as the former Oregon State University student was charged this week with public indecency after a pornographic video that was shot in the school’s library was discovered. It appears the video was done for ReptCams, a live sex chat site, and was picked up by, but both videos have been taken down.

According to the New York Daily News, Sunderland bares her breasts several times and even masturbates for a brief moment. All of this is going on as students walk behind her and have no clue of what she is doing!

Sunderland was enrolled at Oregon State University until this spring semester, but has since dropped out. School spokesman Steve Clark said that her dropping out was unrelated to the video, which was shot and uploaded last fall

A fellow Oregon State student told KEZI: “I was surprised someone was in our library doing that. I feel like it’s always packed. I don’t know how anyone could get away with it.”

Sunderland was able to get away with it and now faces up to one year in prison and $6,000 in fines.

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