Study Reveals Most Common Items Left In Hotel Rooms, You’d Never Guess The Results

It looks like people are doing some freaky things while staying in hotel rooms, as a study by LateRooms found that 30 percent of the items left behind by people in hotel rooms are sex toys or sex-related items. The company polled 8,000 hotels in the UK of varying levels in the hospitality industry to find out what people were leaving behind and the results shocked many people.

Andrea Tarpey ran the survey and she said: “Whilst we fully expected smartphones, laptops and chargers to top the list, we were really surprised by some of the more unusual items our hotel partners have come across in their rooms – especially the number who regularly find abandoned sex toys.”

What were some of the items left behind? On the sex toy side of things, they found blow-up sheep and plaster cast penises. As far as non-sex toy items, the study also found a live lizard, a prosthetic leg, a £25,000 watch, £2,000 in cash and two wedding rings left by a couple that were married the night before!

While the items may be left behind in the hotel rooms, it looks like 26 percent of the abandoned or left behind items are returned to the hotel guests, even if the hotel guests does not ask for them back. The remaining 74 percent of items will be returned to hotel guests if they request them, but most don’t want their sex toys mailed to them!

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