'sup ?

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  • You'll like this one. It's essentially a sub with 'sly' gifs like this and more
  • MRW my friend says she's thinking about trying out pole dancing for exercise
  • [HIFW] I'm laying I'm bed tired and my wife says she wants to get it on
  • MRW I hear Phillip Rivers is thinking of a new team in 2 years
  • Me right when my friend gets GTAV on Xbox One
  • MRW my 10/10 friend breaks up with their SO
  • From the front page, stabilize on the guy
  • I've been stairing at you all afternoon
  • Bros pulling out the smooth moves
  • Well that escalatored quickly
  • When I talk to my crush [GIF]
  • Just relaxing on the bench
  • Smoothest kid in the world
  • You sly sons of bitches
  • That escalated quickly
  • absolutelynotme_irl
  • What's up babe
  • eyy whats up?
  • contributing
  • Smooth hug
  • 'sup ?
  • Uh oh

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