SWAT Team Raided The Wrong House, Held Naked Woman And Children At Gunpoint

Marianne Diaz, a 23-year-old mother of two, recently had the scare of her life when a SWAT team kicked down her door, raiding the house where she lived. Speaking to reporters, Diaz awoke to police officers kicking down her door at 5:30 in the morning. The men entered her home with their guns pointed inward, ready for anything.

Unfortunately, while Diaz knelt down to protect her children, one officer told her to “stop [expletive] crying and take care of your [expletive] kids”. Diaz, who had shed her clothing to escape from the summer heat earlier in the night, was kept naked for 10 minutes while a female officer searched her and the remaining officers searched her home. “My [seven-year-old] daughter was freaking out, she was just shaking, and she couldn’t stop.” Diaz said.

The police were searching for illegal firearms, however they found nothing within the house and didn’t make any arrests. District Attorney Joseph Early responded to the incident, stating that the police acted on intelligence recovered. Meanwhile, Diaz’s lawyer is demanding a full investigation into the incident that occurred.

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