Sweden Begins To Introduce A 6-Hour Work Day

More and more businesses in Sweden are beginning to introduce 6-hour working days rather than the traditional 9 to 5 shift. In fact, the practice is becoming so widespread that it is likely to become the standard in the country as results show the benefits to staff and the companies themselves outweigh the extra costs.

The move comes as research mounts that the traditional 8-hour working day or even longer shifts are harmful and ineffective. Multiple studies have shown that workers can stay focused on a task and get better results if they work for shorter amounts of time. Other research has found that cutting down on the amount of hours worked in a week can dramatically improve an employee’s health and cut the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Many companies in Sweden have already moved to a 6-hour working day and have found the results to be positive. They found that workers were much happier in their jobs and saw that it was far easier to entice others to join. Meanwhile, those working the less demanding shifts are able to spend more time with their family and do other activities, such as exercising.

To cut down on the hours of work lost, many of the businesses simply ask staff to spend less time on social media and the internet, while also cutting down in meetings and other wastes of time. Companies also have to hire extra staff to cover the missing hours but they believe the positives mean the extra cost is worth it.

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