Syrian Piano Player Forced To Flee After ISIS Called His Music A Sin

A talented young Syrian piano player has had to give up his home and flee without his beloved piano. Aeham Ahmad used to play his piano in the streets of his town of Yarmouk, where he sang songs to encourage people who had fled to return. He became well-known, and his music gave hope to desperate people. But things got worse, and finally he decided to flee Yarmouk in April. ISIS militants stopped him and told him that music was a sin, soaking his instruments with gasoline and burned them.

Now Ahmad is making the difficult trek towards Europe with thousands of other migrants. The 27-year-old optimist has a wife and two small children. He has had to leave his young family behind in Damascus, because they feel that the trip would be very dangerous for the children.

The good news is that Ahmad has gotten through Serbia, and hopes to reach Germany soon. He wants to re-unite his family and start playing music again in a safer, happier environment in Europe.

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