Syrian Refugee Carried His Kitten To Greece While Fleeing

Syria is all over the media world lately as refugees flee the country looking for a better future. Amidst all of this, there are some heart-warming tales cropping up.

One Syrian refugee refused to leave his little kitten behind while escaping. The cat, named Zaytouna, which means Olive in Syrian, has taken the world by storm thanks to how cute it is. A lot of people on social media are praising the family, who intend to travel further north, after they arrived safely to Greece. Many are stopping them along the way to pet the cat, who has been in a sling along the entire, lengthy journey. That journey spans from the man’s homeland across the Mediterranean Sea to Lesbos, Greece.

This shows some serious dedication for a family pet. We’d love to see more kindness to animals like this throughout the world. Our hearts go out to every single individual affected by recent events, and to Zaytouna, too.

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