T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior

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Comments (34)

  • Amara Collier Reply

    I always knew their tiny arms would be their downfall

  • Adolfo Crona Reply

    Where can i buy one of those inflatable t-rex suits? all the ones I see have insanely small arms, but this one and the american ninja warrior one seem longer (i know the amw one was modified in some way)

  • Bartholome Koch Reply

    I wish they didn't use the timer & dumb down the stage. Compared to real Ninja Warrior (SASUKE) this looks like child's play, however the T Rex dude is very fit.

  • Vivien Romaguera Reply

    Ever since a dude ran the American Ninja Warrior course in one of those inflatable T. Rex costumes, I'm sure someone, somewhere, has lived that fantasy out.

  • Aliyah Renner Reply

    Original post: [T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior](https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/4nya46/trex_on_american_ninja_warrior/)

  • Turner Hoppe Reply

    (T-rex Ninja Warrior)[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JQLR-04RF4] Also don't drink milk while you are in this thread or else it might come out of your nose.

  • Ulices Beier Reply

    Loved him in [American Ninja Warrior](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNmY_Zt5A0). Didn't know T Rex started biking!

  • Cielo Baumbach Reply

    I think they're on Ninja warrior too! http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/14/11930798/t-rex-american-ninja-warrior-dominates-course

  • Rafael Monahan Reply

    I will never know the pure unadulterated joy that is seeing a live taping of an episode of Ninja Warrior with a T-Rex as a special guest. That kid *should* be really excited.

  • Jakayla Douglas Reply

    *hugs Cj* I don't want to enter your contest but I know what will make you happy. [T-rex Ninja Warrior](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNmY_Zt5A0)

  • Meagan Nitzsche Reply

    Not sure if you can top [this](http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/14/11930798/t-rex-american-ninja-warrior-dominates-course)

  • Edward Kuphal Reply

    I love that my entire page is crazy terrorism related drama with a T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior topping it all off, like a cherry on an ice cream cone of shit.

  • Katelin Boyle Reply

    You can switch Sigmarus to Wind T-Rex American Ninja Warrior. His passive, "Agile Extinction" can make him go fast and he's a great nuker too.

  • Guiseppe Corkery Reply

    I am sober and am not into the conventional bachelorette ideas (stand up comedy, naked painting, strippers, clubbing). So I've given a list of suggestions to my MOH (who's planning it all as a sort of surprise) including: - Cookie crawl (like a bar crawl but for the best cookies in NYC) - Karaoke - An active class like circus, aerial, or American ninja warrior - Great food I think that's steered them in the right direction. For men, see if there's a cool barbershop where they can get an old fashioned shave - something fun and pampering for the big night. Big night could be a sports event, trivia night, or an arcade. Or laser tag!

  • Shaun Kihn Reply

    American Ninja Warrior T-Rex... this needs to be like... Kung Fury's protogee in the eventual sequel to that utterly insane film.

  • Nia Marquardt Reply

    "American Ninja Warrior T-Rex" sounds like a really awesome concept/title for a indie game... hell id buy a season pass!

  • Reece Ortiz Reply

    They knocked T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior from #1. Those monsters. Those fucking monsters. This needs to stop NOW!

  • Mollie Brakus Reply

    Dood, a T-Rex was even on [American Ninja Warrior!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNmY_Zt5A0)

  • Waino Goyette Reply

    Did you see [T-rex on american ninja warrior](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNmY_Zt5A0)?

  • Jimmie Leffler Reply

    This should be an official thing. Teenage mutant ninja T-Rex warrior obstacle course. It's all so obvious.

  • Paolo Shanahan Reply

    [TFW T-Rex is on American Ninja Warrior](http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1465766995943.gif)

  • Elwin Schamberger Reply

    And have you seen all the front page posts when the T-Rex skateboarding and doing Ninja Warrior?!

  • Kaylee Ritchie Reply

    It looks to be the same T-Rex that dominated the American Ninja Warrior course. Must be warming up.

  • Vicky Beahan Reply

    thats the same dinosaur as the t-rex from american ninja warrior...what a beast!

  • Natalie O'Keefe Reply

    Well I believe in a T-Rex that almost won American Ninja warrior, so I must be a heretic.

  • Myron Stehr Reply

    The T-rex from American Ninja Warrior would have caught her in 3 seconds flat.

  • Carole Johns Reply

    what does maria ozawa have to do with t-rex ninja warrior?

  • Brant Senger Reply

    Oh I don't know, the T-Rex did pretty good on Ninja Warrior.

  • Ardith Gusikowski Reply

    Is that the T-Rex from the recent Ninja Warrior?

  • Christophe Pouros Reply

    The T-rex doing ninja warrior was pretty good

  • Jaime Terry Reply

    Glad you liked T-Rex Ninja Warrior!

  • Jasen Orn Reply


  • Tressa Feest Reply

    T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior!

  • Arturo Kuhic Reply

    T-Rex on American Ninja Warrior